Spirit Nerds Partners with First Faith Based Reality TV Show-‘The Fathers House’

~Friday 11th May, 2022

It is with great pleasure that we announce our First Partnership with the reputable online Gospel Influencers, Spirit Nerds. We recognize all that they have done for the gospel and to see Jesus preached throughout the world and we are delighted to have them onboard.
Welcome to the Father’s House.
Welcome Home!

The Father’s House Reality TV Show is a God inspired Faith-based development project intentionally designed to process the multi-dimensional benefits of redemption into real time solution module for Nigeria and Africa at large. Carefully selected thirteen young professing Christians drawn from different denominations across Nigeria will live and work together for forty days and forty nights in one big space-they will leverage their common advantage in their knowledge in Christ and mobilize and inspire over two hundred million local and international viewers towards driving a new and superior culture of development and nation hood.

Using a completely new and innovative approach, combining spiritual and socio-economic principles, these thirteen selected young people will project and inject intelligence, integrity and ingenuity into the social fabrics of the viewing society with daily trigger actions that will affect a targeted twenty thousand Nigerian villages within the first fourth days of the project.

The Father’s house Reality TV project has in the last few months engaged in a nationwide campaign to select 13 intelligent and passionate Christian youths from different denominations.

These 13 selected youths referred to as Custodians will decently live together for 40 days with one strategic mandate of channeling the multi-dimensional benefits of Grace towards addressing myriads of socio-economic challenges confronting our dear country Nigeria and Africa at large.

The excitement and thrill of having selected young Christians from the Celestial church, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Anglican and other denominations will open a new perspective to the Church community in Nigeria for the world to see.

Leveraging their common advantage in Christ, the 13 Custodians of the Father’s House project will work together to stimulate and engineer a superior culture of faith and national development in Nigeria that will result in practical and measurable impacts across the Country and Continent .

With Poverty, Leadership, lifestyle and the fear of God as some of the key focus of the 40 days TV show, one of the Custodian is expected to stand out to win the ultimate prize of the ‘Father’s blessing’ with other amazing material gifts attached to it.

Speaking after the signing ceremony, the project Director, Fathers House Reality TV Project, speaks on the place of the Church in Nation building. He believes that with the endorsement and support of the body of Christ is giving to the Father’s House project, the world is about to experience the wisdom of God in very unusual ways.

The Fathers House Reality Tv project is the outcome of several collaborations between Individuals and Ministries within the Church community in Nigeria.

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