Download Apostle PHILIP CEPHAS Messages MP3 & Audio Sermons:

How to Download Apostle PHILIP CEPHAS Messages MP3 & Audio Sermons:

The download is very simple and easy. All you need to do is to click on any of the below titles. The download will start in less than 2 seconds.

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  1. 3 Things You Can Send to Your Future (23mb)
  2. Are We still Brethren! (16mb)
  3. Declaration against Satanic and Demonic Bondages (17mb)
  4. Dynamics of Spirits (18mb)
  5. Evangelism, The Battle for Souls (60mb)
  6. Flames of Fire (18mb)
  7. God Dealing with You (12mb)
  8. How God Lift Men from the Secret Place (13mb)
  9. How to Access the Gates of Utterance (12mb)
  10. How to Awake to Kingdom Responsibility (7mb)
  11. What is Purpose? (14mb)
  12. How to Discover Your Purpose (10mb)
  13. How to Fulfil Your Purpose (8mb)
  14. How to Walk in Purpose (9mb)
  15. How to Rebel Against Demons and Devils (8mb)
  16. I Refuse to Die! (31mb)
  17. Levels of Spiritual Communication (18mb)
  18. Moment of Prayers (52mb)
  19. Power of the Secret Place (17mb)
  20. Shifting into Alignment (14mb)
  21. So, You Finally Came Here! (15mb)
  22. Spiritual Power and Energy (21mb)
  23. The Aspiration for Greatness (7mb)
  24. The Elijah Revolution (12mb)
  25. The Final Quest (16mb)
  26. The Glorious Army (21mb)
  27. The God of Baal Perazim (36mb)
  28. The Messianic Generation (9mb)
  29. The Mystery of Gates and Foundations (12mb)
  30. The Mystery of Gates and Utterance (11mb)
  31. The Opportune Moment of Encounter (26mb)
  32. The Potters’ House (19mb)
  33. The Power of Spoken Words (19mb)
  34. The Power of Waiting on the Lord (25mb)
  35. The Prime of Greatness (21mb)
  36. The Principle of Honour (14mb)
  37. The Secret of Prayers (46mb)
  38. The Secret Place (17mb)
  39. The Spirit of the Breaker (17mb)
  40. The Supernatural Mystery of Light (27mb)
  41. The Way of Power and Wisdom (17mb)
  42. The Apostolic Blueprint for Building Men (11mb)
  43. The Rise of Apostolic and Prophetic Generation (14mb)
  44. The Three Cardinal Things That Build A Believer (15mb)
  45. Things that Limit Men from Rising (17mb)
  46. Wars to Conquer While Praying (9mb)
  47. What Kings Do (21mb)
  48. What Makes Prayer Impotent (15mb)
  49. When the Eagles are Summoned (21mb)
  50. Why God Still Seeks for a Man (32mb)
  51. Women of Relevance (17mb)
  52. You Will Reap What You Sow (32mb)

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