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𝗜 𝗚𝗥𝗘𝗪 𝗕𝗬 𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗙𝗔𝗥𝗘 – Apostle Arome Osayi

Yes! That’s my own growth pattern, a strange thing took place in my family, and it came to pass when you arrive at the age of 21, something terrible happens to you. For those of you that are in the Medical line, our first born, when he got to 21, he was a Medical student in one of the universities in Nigeria, he came down with a psychiatric condition called schizophrenia.

When the second born was 21 years, she stepped on something that we are yet to discover, and her right leg became two times as fat as her left. When our third born came to the same age, he had a condition that could not be diagnosed.

London was one of the places they brought some samples to test. I watched my immediate elder brother run mad, before my eyes, because I was the fifth born, and I knew that at the age of 21, satan was coming for me. I have news for you -witches keep time, necromancers keep time, occultic people keep time, but Christians don’t. So I knew I had till 21, to get set for priesthood.

So I started learning how to fast and pray in the night, and true to satan’s promise, on my 21st birthday I was on campus running to our prayers that starts 12 midnight, and unfortunately for me, I was late, and you know how a campus walkway is, it’s busy, day and night, but that day I was alone and an owl appeared to me, not flew to me, it did what? (Laughs – tells the London congregation, ‘I know you won’t believe it, these Africans have come again’).

I grew by warfare, yes. That’s my own growth pattern, it was by…. I’m not a gentleman, I fight in the spirit, I am gentle in the natural, but not in the spirit, because the circumstances did not allow for gentility. God had to open the chambers of my spiritual gifts, my perception, so that I could be equipped to fight, and God was preparing me but I did not know, there was a strange appetite to fast, I couldn’t explain why, I could not understand it, but God knew I had an appointment at 21.

And it came to pass that night, this bird appeared and I was afraid. The Holy Spirit whispered to me -if you fear tonight, you will die, so in other to avoid fear, because the thing wanted to change to something, so I just closed my eyes and I spoke in tongues in capital letters (laughs and speaks in toungues) When I opened my eyes, all of the wings had broken, I said it’s working, hei!. The bird ran into the Bush, I went for prayers, forgot about what happened.

My ancestors were healers, they could speak to trees, they were supernatural people. If that thing that was in my family, was as strong as they claimed, no preacher should come out of that family. The last among my grand uncles, who could heal…. he boasted that he could heal any sickness, he has a bag, one bag made out of hide and then if he comes and sees you sick, he always has it, he would put his hands inside and bring the cure as if he knew he was gonna meet the sick man (laughs – and says you don’t understand).

That guy, after that happened, that guy woke up early in the morning, 3 days later and fell faceward.

That was how peace came to my family..

We Grow by Warfare!

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