[MP3 DOWNLOAD] STRIVING FOR MASTERY – PART 3 by Apostle Joshua Selman – Koinonia Abuja


  • No growth process or result is sustainable until or unless it is systematized. To systematize means to make a system predictable by making a formula.
  • Systems talk about execution strategies while structure talks about organization; the way in which things are built.
  • The moment you do not systematize any operation in your life, inconsistency is inevitable. When there are no systems and structures in your life, emotions will govern your day.

The Advantages of Systems and Structures:

1). Systems and structures make it possible for everyone who engages them to have the same or similar results.

2). Systems and structures minimize biases and sentiments.

3). Systems and structures guarantee sustainability and longevity of results. Includes your spiritual life, finances and every other aspect of your life.

4). Systems and structures make replication or reproduction possible.

5). Systems and structures provide a basis for commendation, correction, promotion and demotion without biases or emotional interference.

For an individual, you must create two kinds of systems in your life basically:

1). A value system or a code of conduct.

2). An operational guide; a modus operandi that is based on your convictions and priorities.

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