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  • Faith the currency of prayer
  • Heart disposition towards revival
  • Prophetic declaration and impartation
  • Prophetic intelligence for Ebonyi state.

Faith the currency of prayer:

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“Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of Heaven. Unless we walk by faith, we cannot benefit from the works of grace in our lives.”
Faith is a substance. It is actually the spiritual currency of the Kingdom of God.  You can’t buy spiritual things (blessings and power) with money, though some have tried! Faith is how to obtain the things of God.
Faith is not hoping. Hoping is wishing for what you want with no assurance or belief that it will really happen. Much like a child hoping to get a certain gift for Christmas, yet never knows if it will appear or not. She hopes, wishes and dreams but never truly believes it will appear, for certain.
Hebrews 11:1 says “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” 
However, hope fed by the word can turn into faith. Faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see: in the natural realm…yet.
When you became born again, you believed that Jesus died and rose again for your sins. You believed when someone showed it to you in the Bible and you exercised your faith to believe and receive it. Now, you now have God’s faith deposited in you. Mark 11:22 says “Have faith in God,”  in many versions. The actual Greek says “have the faith of God.”
We receive all that we desire in the same way. When you pray, your faith needs to grab hold of what God says about it and keep the faith! Find verses that promise what you are praying for and then you will be praying in the will of God.

“The hardest time in prayer is when we decide to believe it in faith and then see it with our natural eyes.”
Stop rehearsing what you don’t want and figure out what you do want. Confess what the word says about you and your faith will grow in that area. Soon you will be believing what you are saying and faith can hold fast!
If faith can move mountains, nothing in your life can stand against what Jesus has provided for you; not even the gates of hell!

Heart disposition towards revival:

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They were in earnest about the great work of the ministry on which they had entered.
They felt their infinite responsibility as stewards of the mysteries of God, and shepherds appointed by the Chief Shepherd to gather in and watch over souls. They lived and laboured and preached like men on whose lips the immortality of thousands hung. Everything they did and spoke bore the stamp of earnestness, and proclaimed to all with whom they came into contact that the matters about which they had been sent to speak were of infinite moment, admitting of no indifference, no postponement even for a day. Yet their fervour was not that of excitement; it was the steadfast but tranquil purpose of men who felt the urgency and weight of the cause entrusted to them, and who knew that necessity was laid upon them, yea, woe was unto them if they preached not the gospel. They felt that, as ministers of the gospel they dared not act otherwise; they dared not throw less than their whole soul into the conflict; they dared not take their ease or fold their arms; they dared not be indifferent to the issue when professing to lead on the hosts of the living God against the armies of the prince of darkness.
They were bent upon success.
It was with a good hope of success that they first undertook the awful office of the ministry, and to despair of this would have been shameful distrust of Him who had sent them forth, while to be indifferent to it would have been to prove themselves nothing short of traitors to Him and to His cause. As warriors, they set their hearts on victory, and fought with the believing anticipation of triumph, under the guidance of such a Captain as their head. As shepherds, they could not sit idle on the mountain-side in the sunshine, or the breeze, or the tempest, heedless of their straying, perishing, bleating flock. They watched, gathered, guarded, fed the sheep committed to their care.
They were men of faith.
They were men of labour.
They were men of patience.
They were men of boldness and determination.
Adversaries might contend and oppose, timid friends might hesitate, but they pressed forward, in nothing terrified by difficulty or opposition. Timidity shuts many a door of usefulness, and loses many a precious opportunity; it wins no friends, while it strengthens every enemy. Nothing is lost by boldness, nor gained by fear. It seems often as if there were a premium upon mere boldness and vigour, apart from other things.
listen as you remain blessed.

Prophetic declaration and impartation:

A power pact prophetic session with Apostle Phillip Cephas.
Follow as you remain blessed.

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Prophetic intelligence for Ebonyi state:

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  • Economy of grace
  • Economy of prayer_praying the burdens of God till the heart of yeshua is fufilled….
  • Intercessors feed on the burden of God daily.
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Remain Blessed….

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