THE PRICE FOR NEW DIMENSIONS by Apostle Joshua Selman (Mp3 Download)

Sermon Excerpts;

  • Every level of achievement you attain on your journey to greatness is a test for your next level. Learn when to draw the lines.
  • You must know when the feast of celebration is over and when it’s time to advance and prepare for the next level.
  • Failure can be discouraging while success can create complacency. Both failure and success, as well as discouragement and over celebration of results, can be distractions.
  • Be careful how you manage and celebrate your wins. Regardless of the applauds you receive on your journey to greatness, it is pertinent that you remain focused and avoid distractions.
  • Don’t fret when God leads you to learn the wisdom of the cosmos, as long your relationship with God is intact and you do not compromise in the process. Such knowledge might be needed on your journey to greatness.
  • You can extract the wisdom of the world without bowing to the gods they serve.

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