[Mp3 Download] The Presence Of God by Apostle Joshua Selman – Koinonia Abuja

Five Keys to Securing the Manifest Presence of God:

1). Passion for God (Matthew 22:37; John 14:23; 1 Corinthians 2:9)

Your love and passion for God will secure His manifest presence in your life. It is a risk to love and secure anything above the presence of God.

2). The desire to please God/Total obedience (John 8:29; John 14:21; Ezekiel 33:31)

3). Intense moments of prayer and worship. (Psalm 100:4; Psalm 63:1-5)

Every spirit and their manifestation is atmosphere dependent.

The moment you find out your atmosphere is tensed or you sense a demonic activity around, plug into worship and change the atmosphere immediately.

4). Walking in humility (Psalm 34:18)Pride is a state of self sufficiency. You must fight it out of your life and never tolerate it.

5). Sacrifice (Psalm 50:5; 1 Kings 3:3-13, Romans 12:1)_The Presence of God requires sacrifice; Your body, mind, soul, and pocket must serve the Lord.

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